Abstract & Biography | Ryan van Zandvoort

Innovative Nanocomposite Polymer Films for Advanced Solar Heat Management in Architectural Glazing and (BI)PV
Ryan van Zandvoort


Solar energy harvesting and heat management are one of the most important aspects in the transition towards a climate neutral built environment. Within the Interreg project SUNOVATE, novel nanocomposite polymer films have been developed for advanced solar heat management in energy-efficient windows and solar panels. The thermochromic polymer films for smart windows add adaptive heat regulating properties to safety glazing and enable large energy savings via optimized use of solar heat in buildings. The sub-bandgap blocking encapsulants for c-Si solar panels reduce operating temperatures, which increases power output and lifetime of (BI)PV. Both films were upscaled and integrated into full sized demonstrators and their performance is currently being monitored in test buildings at SolarBEAT in Eindhoven and EnergyVille in Genk. During this talk the highlights of these developments will be shown along with their performance under real-life testing conditions.

After graduating from Zuyd University of Applied Science, Ryan started his career at the materials department of TNO in Eindhoven. There he started building up expertise in synthesizing and analyzing colloids for introduction in optical coatings and photocatalysis. Ryan has been part of the Brightlands Materials Center’s Sustainable Buildings program since its start. In his role as researcher, he has developed expertise and set-up infrastructure for the synthesis of nanoparticles, their surface modification and integration into polymer matrices for the development of optically active films for the built environment.