14 Oct 2021

Nanotechnology Crossing Borders 2021 Online

During this year’s Nanotechnology Crossing Borders symposium, we will focus on three applications of nanomaterials that contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy: light-powered chemical reactions and processes, innovative battery materials and concepts, and optical coatings and films for energy efficient buildings. Check out our complete online program.

Online program

11.30h – 12.15h

Poster Presentations Students

12.15h – 12.30h

Welcome and opening
by Bert Kip, CEO Brightlands
Chemelot Campus


12.30h – 13.10h

Prof Timothy Noël, University of Amsterdam
Plenary lecture: Applications of continuous-flow photochemistry in organic synthesis

13.10h – 13.30h

Dr. Martin Roeb, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Invite lecture: Sunlight-powered photoelectrochemical and thermochemical water splitting using concentrated natural sunlight

13.40h – 14.00h

Dr. Remko Detz, TNO
Invited lecture: Techno-economics of solar hydrogen production

14.00h – 14.20h

Prof. dr. Sammy Verbruggen, University of Antwerp
Invited lecture: Controlling the stability, activity and mechanistic pathways in plasmonic photocatalysis

14.20h – 14.45h

Dr. Francesc Sastre, TNO
Invited lecture: Sunlight-powered conversion of CO2 and green H2 to C1 chemicals and fuels

14.45h – 14.55h


14.55h – 15.20h

Prof. dr. ir. Momo Safari, Hasselt University/EnergyVille
Invited lecture: Porous electrodes in Li-ion batteries: heterogeneity and performance

15.20h – 15.40h

Dr. Andreas Paulus, Imec/Hasselt University
Employing anionic redox chemistry to tune the electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries

15.40h – 15.55h


15.55h – 16.15h

Dr. Sébastien Sallard, VITO
Invited lecture: Depositions of thin conducting polymer coating on sulfur powder by dielectric barrier discharge (DBD)-plasma: positive materials for lithium sulfur batteries

16.15h – 16.35h

Bénédicte Vertruyen, University of Liege
Invited lecture: Battery materials: How many needles in the haystack?

16.35h – 16.55h


15.05h – 15.30h

Prof. dr. Ioannis Papakonstantinou, University College London
Invited lecture: Multifunctional Surfaces

15.30h – 15.50h

Lavinia Calvi, Hasselt University
Invited lecture: A Comparative Study on the Switching Kinetics of W/VO2 Micron-Sized Powders and Nanoparticles

15.50h – 16.00h


16.00h – 16.25h

Dr. José Montero, Uppsala University
Invited lecture: Recent Progress in Inorganic Photochromism

16.25h – 16.45h

Dr. Zeger Vroon, Zuyd Hogeschool
Invited lecture: Demo tiny houses at Brightlands Chemelot Campus for testing of energy efficient windows

16.45h – 16.55h


16.55h – 17.20h

Plenary speaker Prof. dr. Thomas Altantzis,
University of Antwerp
Transmission electron microscopy: recent advances in catalysis and energy applications

17.20h – 17.30h

Poster Prizes