About the event

Nanotechnology Crossing Borders 2022

The Nanotechnology Crossing Borders symposia are organized by Hasselt University, TNO, Brightlands Materials Center and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. It’s an event where science meets industry and is organized every year in autumn.

We encourage students from universities and universities of applied sciences, and PhD researchers to present their work in form of a poster. 

An international jury selected the three best posters for a poster award of 250 € (1st place), 150 € (2nd place) and 100 € (3rd place). The jury consisting of chair Luc Lanclus (Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs), An Hardy (UHasselt), Jonathan van den Ham (TNO) and Evelien Baeten (Zuyd) judged the posters on: Scientific quality, Poster lay out, Clarity of the pitch. This year’s prizes are sponsored by Brightlands Chemelot Campus.


Winner Robin de Hoogh – Zuyd university of Applied Sciences

Subject: Validation of channel-based continuous flow reactor for sunlight powered methanation.
Motivation: a very complete research, form theoretical fundamental research towards application, well put in its context, scientifically well motivated, and brought with passion and ownership for the subject.

1st runner up Daniely Reis Santos – Hasselt University

Subject: Exploring the composition phase space of Cu-Bi-S systems toward photoelectrochemical fuel syntheses.
Motivation: a very good and complete story, brought with passion as a way to enable fossile free fuel production using cheap bismuth. It was presented with passion for the climate change challenge and involved a combination of good experimental work matched with computational work.

2nd runner up  Marco Essers / Birgit Janssen

Subject: Antibacterial stimuli responsive coatings based on liquid crystal polymer networks.
Motivation: the subject involved some tough chemistry to get the desired results, which was presented very well, both in a very clear poster and a very elucidating pitch.

More information
Do you have any questions regarding the Nanotechnology Crossing Borders Event? Contact Marliene Bos, member of the organizing committee.

Organizing partners:

  • Tim den Hartog, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and TNO
  • Marliene Bos, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
  • Olaf Brouwers, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
  • Olivier Segers, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
  • Pascal Buskens, TNO, Brightlands Materials Center and Hasselt University
  • Daniel Mann, TNO and Brightlands Materials Center

With support from:

This event is made possible by project Lumen financed by the Interreg V program Vlaanderen-Nederland.

Project Lumen is gefinancierd binnen het Interreg V programma Vlaanderen-Nederland, het grensoverschrijdend samenwerkingsprogramma met financiële steun van het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling. Meer info: www.grensregio.eu