About the event

Nanotechnology Crossing Borders 2021

The Nanotechnology Crossing Borders symposia are organized by Hasselt University, TNO, Brightlands Materials Center and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. It’s an event where science meets industry and is organized every year in autumn.

We encourage students from universities and universities of applied sciences, and PhD researchers to present their work in form of a poster. 

An international jury will select the three best posters for a poster award of 250 € (1st place), 150 € (2nd place) and 100 € (3rd place). On behalf of the jury, Christa Hooijer TNO, Chair of the jury, Marlies van Bael UHasselt and Gino van Strijdonck Zuyd. We judge the posters on: Scientific quality, Poster lay out, Clarity of the pitch.

We where very pleased with the poster of An-Sofie Kelchtermans and especially her poster lay out. The logo in the middle was brilliant.

An-Sofie Kelchtermans honorable mention University Hasselt

The 3rd prize: Jerôme Velge & Olaf Vonk Zuyd.
For Clear context and research question. Scientifically good work presented in a traditional, good poster

The 2nd prize: Noa Abelshausen, Marciano Wolfs Zuyd.
For a dynamic pitch about dynamic anti-bacterial coatings and a strong statement with the AC/DC jumper

The first prize: Alessandra Piras University Hasselt
For a scientifically sound story that was beautifully and artistically supported by the poster. She made perfectly use of the possibilities:

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More information
Do you have any questions regarding the Nanotechnology Crossing Borders Event? Contact Suzanne van Goor, member of the organizing commitee.

Organizing partners:

  • Prof. dr. Marlies K. van Bael, Hasselt University and IMEC/EnergyVille
  • Dr. Ken Elen, Hasselt University and IMEC/EnergyVille
  • Prof. dr. An Hardy, Hasselt University and IMEC/EnergyVille
  • Dr. Tim den Hartog, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof. dr. Pascal Buskens, TNO and Brightlands Materials Center
  • Eugéne Veerkamp, TNO and Brightlands Materials Center
  • Nicole Meulendijks, TNO 
  • Daniel Mann, TNO and Brightlands Materials Center

With support from:

This event is made by possible with support from: Interreg SUNOVATE, Interreg LUMEN and by Regie-orgaan SiA, part of “Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek” (NWO) RAAK Pro Window of the Future.