Abstract & Biography | Dr. Ir. Jonathan van den Ham

Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production: from systems and devices to photo active materials
Dr. Ir. Jonathan van den Ham

Scientist at Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

In the near future, a great demand for green hydrogen is expected, including hydrogen required to enable carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies. In this lecture, a short overview is given for various routes towards green hydrogen production, with an emphasis on photo electrochemical water splitting. Starting from a system level, various configurations will be discussed, followed by a few show cases involving photo anode materials that are currently studied at TNO.

During his Chemical Engineering studies at Eindhoven University and Technology (TU/e), Jonathan did his master thesis within the Prof. Notten group on porous metal oxide material for (solid-state) Li-ion batteries. After an internship at the Netherlands aerospace institute (NLR), he graduated in 2012 as a chemical engineer and worked at Versatec Energy within the field of process (chemical) industry for a short while. At the end of 2012, he continued his scientific work and study of metal oxides for Li-ion batteries at Hasselt University as PhD candidate within the group of Prof. Van Bael. During this period, he expanded his interest in many different oxide materials, interfaces and (thin) film integration. After his PhD defence in 2017 with Prof. Hardy as his supervisor, he continued his career at TNO Materials Solutions, fulfilling his current position as a scientist. Initially he worked on low-temperature synthesis for Li-ion batteries cathodes, but later he broadened his expertise on metal oxides towards other applications such as chemical sensing, heat harvesting facades and materials for semi-conductor manufacturing in close collaboration with companies from  industry – resulting in various patent applications. Given the need for green hydrogen in the near future, he recently focused his expertise in metal oxide materials and device manufacturing towards photo water splitting, together with a small team of researchers at TNO.