Abstract & Biography | Bart Vermang

A focus point in the field of thin film photovoltaics (PV) is refining its solar cell design, equivalent to the use of advanced three-dimensional solar cell concepts in silicon PV (PERC, PERL, PERT, TOPCON…). In the case of thin film PV, it is expected that such a novel design would consist of surface passivation layers – with nano-sized contact openings – and light management methods integrated into ultra-thin thin-film solar cells. An overview of surface passivation layer schemes for thin film solar cells will be presented, from its fundamentals to tangible solar cell applications, and their perspective.

Bart Vermang received the MSc degree in physics from the University of Ghent in Belgium, and the PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Leuven in Belgium. He performed his MSc final research project at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where his interest – and career – in renewable energy originated. First he obtained a PhD for research in silicon Photovoltaics (PV) in imec Belgium, followed by 2 Postdoctoral fellowships to work on thin film PV. A Marie Sk┼éodowska-Curie fellowship to move to the University of Uppsala in Sweden, and a fellowship from the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO) to return to imec. In 2016, Bart obtained a starting grant of the European Research Council (ERC), and became professor at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. His current research concentrates on renewable energy and associated topics, and is performed within the Institute for Materials Research (IMO-IMOMEC) and EnergyVille in Belgium.